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I've been playing Trek RPGs for a while now and it's by and large the same thing. "Join X-Fleet!" We've got a bunch of ships and even MORE rules and regulations! We've got ten or twenty people in our "admiralty" that just sit around and, instead of WRITING the stories, they make up by-laws and tri-laws and derive great satisfaction from telling you that you can't have NCC-0000 as your ship's registry because… WE SAID SO!

And did I mention that they're all Post Nemesis? Seriously though. It seems like the ships get bigger and bigger and bigger… but the stories get smaller.

"Oh's No's! There's a new alien race about to wipe out the Federation!" Luckily Admiral Snuffy was here to save us all in his OLYMPUS Class Dreadnaught! Oh… Did I mention that he's half El-Aurian and half Klingon?

I could go on. Seriously. But I'm preaching to the choir.

Oh yeah… OUR site!

So. Star Trek: 2255 is a sim site set in the year erhm….2255.

"TOS?" you ask, probably uninterested.

And I answer. Yes, but also a resounding NO! Star Trek: 2255 is set ten years BEFORE the Original Series hit the airwaves. Our stories begin the year after Captain Pike had his run in with the Talosians. However, this is a re-imagining. (Think Battlestar Galactica.) What that means for us is that the typical trap into which TOS sims typically fall is moot point here. You could call it an alternate timeline (It's not.) or a "based on Trek" Trek sim. (Not that either.) What we aspire to be a different sort of Trek writing community. The following are some differences between 2255 and other sim "fleets"

We DO ALLOW canon characters. (Or ships)

In fact, We encourage you to select from our list of available characters. (Make sure you read the rules for canon characters (and ships) though.)

We do not have to marry ourselves to established canon.

(Canon is in our friendzone. So we care about her feelings… but not enough to stay too faithful. Right? You know what I'm saying?…Ok. Moving on.) As this is a re-imagining, our canon will be different than the show. This gives us a much more broad canvas upon which to tell our stories. For instance, if you would like to re-write a particular episode of TOS with a different ship and crew… GO FOR IT! If you would like to chronicle Sulu's academy days (because that is where he is in 2255) Have at it hoss! It's all there for you. Give us a different take on the M-5 computer incident. Develop your own characters or give us your own ideas on how you see Dr. McCoy. Whatever. You're only constrained by a few rules, the universe as it exists in our community, and your own imagination.

So that's it. Star Trek: 2255 is a blank canvas just waiting for some artists to paint all over it. What are you waiting for? Fill out your application and put your stamp on history!

Disclaimer - This site is a Not For Profit writing group, and is in no way affiliated with Paramount Pictures or CBS. In addition, all graphics on this site are taken from sources around the web. They have been adapted for this site by JayBee14. If you're an artist and you find your work here without credit please contact JayBee14 at moc.liamg|97batsim#moc.liamg|97batsim and we will add you to the credits page.

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