Constitution Class Starship
Constitution Class Cruiser


Crew Complement
203 (40 officers + 163 crew)
Embarked Craft
2 medium personnel shuttlecraft
6 personnel shuttlepods
Beam Weapons - FL-6 laser weapons
(6 in 3 banks, port, starboard, fore)
Projectile Weapons - FAC-3 accelerator cannons
(2, fore)
Warp Drive
SSWR-XV linear M/AM reactor with 2 Sabre nacelles
wf 6.2, cruise; wf 8.8, supercruise; wf 9.1, maximum
Units Commissioned
12 (6 Active, 5 under Construction, 1 Lost)
Constitution Class Vessels Currently in Service
[[image width="175px" page link="Constitution"]]Enterprise%20NCC-1701.pngPegasus%20NCC-1702.pngConstellation%20NCC-1017.pngFarragut%20NCC-1647.pngHood%20NCC-1703.pngYorktown%20NCC-1704.png
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