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Once you've submitted your application, respond to this thread and we shall get your on your way with a quick bit of sample poosting. Depending on how hectic real life is ATM, this orientation process should take no longer than 48 of your "hours". At which time you'll hot in a shuttle and be whisked away to your ship. Below you'll find an outline of the orientation process.

Step 1: Make sure you're familiar with the basics of ST:2255 canon, I.E… "You know we play in the 23rd century right?" You can get caught up on where we are here…. 2255... A FAQ for N00bs

Step 2: A brief bit of posting to get you comfortable in your (character's) skin. (Especially if you want to play a canon character.) This will be department based, I.E. If you're an engineer.. perhaps a warp core breach or something simple like that.

Step 3: Let's GO! You'll be directed to your ship, wherein you will throw off the repressive shackles of orientation and be free to roam the stars with your new pals. Bon Voyage!

N00bs gather here! by JayBee14JayBee14, 12 Apr 2017 00:10

A place to house your character biography. Pics are welcome.

And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National Institute of Pancakes. It reads, and I quote, “Fuck waffles.”
—George Carlin

Character Bios by LexingtonsDuckLexingtonsDuck, 01 Dec 2014 16:57

As we aren't currently bristling with crew, I've decided that the commanding officer and much of the senior staff will be played as NPCs. That means you get to write your own orders and keep yourself active in the game. If someone creates a senior officer and it's a role you wanted for yourself, we'll work out OOC how your character replaces the existing one. I'm betting on death of the latter.

And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National Institute of Pancakes. It reads, and I quote, “Fuck waffles.”
—George Carlin

Position Rank Name
Commanding Officer Commander Soren Cattermole
Minataur-Class Flight Leader Lieutenant Ishtar "Ish" Ingstrom
Communications Officer Ensign Hoshi Sato

And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National Institute of Pancakes. It reads, and I quote, “Fuck waffles.”
—George Carlin

** Officers **

Position Rank Name
Commanding Officer LTCDR Jonathan Archer
Engineer LT Thomas Cooper
Pilot LT Erika Hernandez

** Crew**

U.E.S. Archer Crew Manifest by JayBee14JayBee14, 19 Nov 2014 11:17

San Fransisco, Earth
EBS Special Correspondant Charlotte Sumner

It is a watershed day for all the denizens of United Earth today, and for the Federation at large. Representatives from all five member worlds were on hand today for the christening of Earth's first Warp 5 capable ship, the E.S.S. Yorktown. "The Fighting Lady", as she's come to be known in her former life has been cleared for trial runs and stands as the culmination of the late Henry Archer's lasting achievment. I believe that I speak for all the Earth's people when I say that I wait with baited breath to see what discoveries this fine ship will make early next year when she begins her mission of exploration.

In related news, the commander of the NCC-05 has been announced and this reporter can think of no one more appropriate.


That's right ladies and gentlemen. One of the may heroes of the recent war, and sone of the late Henry Archer himself, UEDF Captain Jonathan Archer will be commanding the Yorktown as she boldly goes where only dreams have been. Captain Archer could not be reached for comment, but a Starfleet source has informed me that the Captain will begin selecting a crew immediately.

Stay tuned to EBS for updates!

E.S.S. Yorktown Commissioned! by JayBee14JayBee14, 17 Nov 2014 13:13

Senior Staff

All Senior Staff work during Alpha Shift.

Position Rank Name
Captain [][][][] Jonathan Archer
Science Officer [][] Andrew Cooper Ph.D
Chief Engineer [][][] Charles Tucker III
Chief Medical Officer [][][] (Dr.) Rufus Crowley
Tactical Officer [][] Jenna Reed
Communications Officer [] Yoshi Sato
Helm Officer [][][] Joseph Stiles
Captain's Yeoman \\\ Silas Wentworth

Watch Officers (Bravo/Charlie Shifts)

Position Rank Name Shift
Watch Officer [][] Donna O'Neil Bravo Shift
Watch Officer [][] Selena Meir Charlie Shift


Position Rank Name Shift
Second Helmsman [] Katerina Borovsky Bravo
Third Helmsman [] Jojen Sayid Charlie
Navigational Officer [] Dana McCoy


Position Rank Name Shift
Science Officer [] Harry Wilder Bravo Shift
Science Officer [] Sandra Landrieu Charlie Shift
Xenobiology Specialist \\\ Ethan Novakovich Alpha Shift
Stellar Cartographer [] Xavier Crews Alpha Shift
Geologist \\ Ethan Novakovich Alpha Shift
Lab Technician \\\ ?? Bravo Shift
Lab Technician \\ Elizabeth Cutler Charlie Shift
Sensor Technician \\ ?? Alpha Shift
Sensor Technician \\ ?? Bravo Shift
Sensor Technician \ ?? Charlie Shift
Communications Officer [] Ahmed al Saed Charlie Shift


Position Rank Name Shift
Second Engineer [][] ?? Bravo Shift (Shift Leader)
Third Engineer [] ?? Charlie Shift (Shift Leader)
Warp Core Specialist [] ?? Alpha Shift
Electrical Engineer [] ?? Alpha Shift
Systems Engineer [] ?? Alpha Shift
Computer Engineer [] ?? Alpha Shift
Fabrication Engineer \\// ?? Alpha Shift
Engineer's Mate \\\/ William Jackson Alpha Shift
Engineering Crewman \/ ?? Alpha Shift
Engineering Crewman \\\ ?? Alpha Shift
Impulse Drive Specialist \\ Michael Rostov Alpha Shift
EPS Control Specialist \\ Jane Taylor Alpha Shift
Engineer [] ?? Bravo Shift
Engineer [] ?? Bravo Shift
Engineering Crewman \\\ ?? Bravo Shift
Engineering Crewman \\\ ?? Bravo Shift
Engineering Crewman \\ ?? Bravo Shift
Engineering Crewman \ ?? Bravo Shift
Engineering Crewman \ ?? Bravo Shift
Engineer [] ?? Charlie Shift
Engineer [] ?? Charlie Shift
Engineering Crewman \\\ ?? Charlie Shift
Engineering Crewman \\ ?? Charlie Shift
Engineering Crewman \\ ?? Charlie Shift
Engineering Crewman \ ?? Charlie Shift
Engineering Crewman \ ?? Charlie Shift
Engineering Crewman \ ?? Charlie Shift
Launch Bay Chief \\ ?? Alpha Shift
Shuttlepod Technician \\\ ?? Alpha Shift
Shuttlepod Technician \\ ?? Alpha Shift


Nuclear Weapons Specialist [][] ?? Alpha Shift
Energy Weapons Specialist [] ?? Alpha Shift
Armory Officer [] ?? Bravo Shift
Armory Officer [] ?? Charlie Shift
Weapons Technician \/ ?? Alpha Shift
Weapons Technician \\\ ?? Bravo Shift
Weapons Technician \\ ?? Charlie Shift
Security Crewman \/ ?? Alpha Shift
Security Crewman \\\ ?? Alpha Shift
Security Crewman \\ ?? Alpha Shift


Commanding Officer * Jeremiah "Joss" Hayes
First Sergeant {{{) Nelson Kemper
Weapons Specialist {{{ Brandon Moreno
Demolitions Specialist {{ Matthew Kelly
Scout {{ Selma Guitierrez
Rifleman {{ David McCammon
Rifleman {{ Julia McKenzie
Rifleman {{ Hideaki Chang
Rifleman { Meredith Peruzzi
Rifleman { Erik Hamboyan
Rifleman { Colin Elby
Rifleman { Amanda Cole


Nurse \\\/ Jessica Wang Alpha Shift
Nurse \\ Joe Bramley Bravo Shift
Nurse \\// Reggie Green Charlie Shift
Corpsman \\\ Edward Sellers Alpha Shift
Corpsman \\\ Olivia Glasgow Bravo Shift
Corpsman \\ Brent Glascow Charlie Shift


Operations Chief \\\/ Rahim Ismail Alpha Shift
Chef \\\/ ?? Alpha Shift
Assistant Chef \\// ?? Alpha Shift
Cook \\\ ?? Bravo Shift
Cook \\\ ?? Charlie Shift
Hydroponics Officer \/ ?? Alpha Shift
Hydroponics Officer \\\ ?? Bravo Shift
Hydroponics Officer \ ?? Charlie Shift
Quartermaster \\// ?? Alpha Shift
Cargo Attendant \/ ?? Alpha Shift
Cargo Attendant \/ ?? Bravo Shift
Cargo Attendant \/ ?? Charlie Shift
Tailor \/ ?? Alpha Shift
Laundry Attendant \\\ ?? Alpha Shift

Rank Key

Rank Title
\ Crewman Recruit
\\ Crewman Apprentice
\\\ Crewman
\/ Petty Officer 2nd Class
\\// Petty Officer 1st Class
\\\/// Chief Petty Officer
[] Ensign
[][] Lieutenant
[][][] Commander
[][][][] Captain
Blank Private
{ Private 1st Class
{) Lance Corporal
{{ Corporal
{{{ Sergeant
{{{) Staff Segeant
* Major

Crew Compliment - 91

Officers - 28
Enlisted - 53
MACOs - 10

Yorktown Crew Manifest by JayBee14JayBee14, 16 Nov 2014 08:59



Declaring it a landmark day in the history of each of their worlds, five envoys today breathed life into the fledgling United Federation of Planets with the signing of the new organization's Constitution amid much pomp and circumstance.

"We are truly entering a brave new world of peace, exploration and security with the establishment of this Federation, declared Earth ambassador Thomas Vanderbilt, whose remarks were echoed by representatives from Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, and Alpha Centauri.

"Following the end of your world's war with the unseen Romulan enemy, such a union as we create here today is the most logical course of action any of our peoples can take," added Ambassador T'Jan of Vulcan.

UESPA Maj. Gen. Georges E. Picard, an aide to Vanderbilt, noted afterward the irony of the conference – which met in exactly the same fashion as the founders of the Earth's old United Nations, who came together only 215 years earlier in the same city in the aftermath of the horrors of another costly war.* "What is occurring here today is one sign that some good can come of such a scourge," Picard noted. "We defy anyone, even the Romulans, to test our resolve now for collective security," declared Ambassador Natha Kell of Tellar, while Sarahd of Andor spoke of future greatness for the infant union and predicted rapid expansion. Ambassador Titus Oleet signed for the newly independent Centauri system. Today's events were but the ceremonial endgame for the often-tumultuous negotiations, which began in earnest after the defeat of hostile forces at Cheron effectively ended the Romulan War only a little more than a year ago. Even today, some sources reported a later fracas involving the Tellarite Kell and Sarahd. Although those taking part today waived off revealing many specific details, the five after signing immediately convened the first-ever meeting of the UFP Council long enough to elect Vanderbilt as president, with Sarahd as vice president. Also, the Council sources unanimously voted to continue meeting in San Francisco, with an all-new building in the design stages near the historic old Presidio fort and Golden Gate Bridge. Council sources predicted at least three months would be needed before the fledgling UFP bureaucracy would be ready for business.

~ Xin Yu, Field Reporter for SNN

Federation Day! by JayBee14JayBee14, 14 Nov 2014 13:16
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