Matthew Decker


Decker's early education was at Forester Military Academy in High Point, North Carolina followed by Brunswick Academy and then Starfleet Academy.

At one point while with the rank of lieutenant commander, Decker served aboard the USS Patton. In 2244, he commanded the Patton during the battle at Donatu V. He and Commander Jose Mendez of the USS Eisenhower were able to hold out against Klingon Captain Klaar's three ships until two Baton Rouge-class ships forced Klaar's force to withdraw.

In 2246, Decker was chief of security at Starbase 4.
Admiral Fitzgerald surprised many, including Decker himself, when he promoted him to the rank of captain. (TOS - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novella: The First Artifact)
By the early 2250s, Decker had risen to the rank of captain and assumed command of the USS Yorktown from Captain Christopher Pike, who went on to assume command of the Enterprise.


Biographical Information

Full Name - Matthew Brand Decker
Date of Birth - 25/NOV/2216
Race - Human
Gender - Male
Home Planet - Earth

Personal Appearance

Height - 6'1"
Weight - 200lbs
Hair Color - Red
Eye Color - Blue

Political Information

Affiliation - Federation
Assignment - USS Yorktown
Billet - Commanding Officer

Played by Justin


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